John R. Franklin, AIA, LEED AP

senior associate

Historic Preservation Architect

Project Manager


32 years experience

26 years with architrave p.c., architects


It’s a privilege to work every day helping take care of

some of the nation’s most historic and recognizable



At architrave I’ve worked on projects in eight different Smithsonian Museums, five different Library of Congress buildings, House and Senate office buildings, office

buildings in the Federal Triangle, the Kennedy Center, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the U.S Capitol, and numerous other Federal facilities both famous and



Every project is a new challenge.



Bachelor of Science in Architecture,

University of Virginia

Master of Architecture, University of Virginia


Professional Registration

Architecture (DC)



project architect/designer:

Smithsonian’s Environmental Research

Center (SERC), Bridgewater, Maryland

Visiting Scientist Housing

SERC Dormitory Expansion

Expansion of Wet Laboratory


Residential Projects

Alexandria Addition

Created master bedroom suite from two smaller

bedrooms and a new addition over an existing, previously enclosed side porch. Project won “Southern Home

Award” from Southern Living Magazine in the additions

and remodeling category.

McLean Additions

Added a childrens’ suite with loft over existing garage on

one end of the house, and a new living room, dining room and butler’s pantry at the other end.


project architect/manager:

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Building

(designed by Marcel Breuer, completed in 1968)

Plaza Waterproofing and Modifications

What started as a study to develop fixes for water leaks

from the plaza to the parking garage below evolved into a collaboration with a noted landscape architect to

transform the building’s barren, Modernist plaza into a

playful and welcoming environment filled with sculptural planters and internally lit overhead shade structures (still fixing the leak problems).


Department of Justice Robert F. Kennedy Building

Window and Door Survey

Managed architrave’s survey of over 900 1930s historic aluminum windows for comprehensive condition

assessment. Worked with architectural conservation firm

on technical assessment of the aluminum windows and recommendations for their restoration.


Library of Congress’s Packard Campus of the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center, VA

Satellite Antenna Renderings

Managed production of a series of renderings merging photos taken on the site with rendered 3D computer

models of proposed nine satellite antenna dishes. The renderings allowed assessment of the visual impact of the antennae on the campus and surrounding area.


project architect:

National Museum of Natural History, SI

Main Building Roof Repairs and Skylight Installation

Reroofing the main building’s slate and copper roofs, including partial replacement of the fish-scale slate on the building’s prominent dome.

NMNH Renovate East and West Wing Roof - Design

Fifteen years after we designed the reroofing for the main building, the Smithsonian came back for reroofing the remaining building: the 1960s east and west wings. We studied roofing material options, including green roofs,

and the feasibility of solar panels. We then produced Contract Documents for the project, now under

construction, completion anticipated for 2017.

Library of Congress’s Packard Campus of the

National Audio-Visual Conservation Center

Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) and Power Systems

for Electronic Sensitive Equipment

Designed addition to the emergency generator building

for new larger generators at this technologically advanced conservation center built into the side of a mountain in the Virginia countryside. Design includes architectural

cast-in-place concrete walls/columns and a green roof.


United States Capitol

Electrical Power Distribution System Replacement

Worked with the project electrical engineers to design

routes for new main electrical feeders from the basement

to the attic without disturbing historic interiors and finishes


Library of Congress

Thomas Jefferson Building Exit Stairs

The courtyards of this historic building were filled in a hundred years ago with an ingenious system of steel, cast iron, and marble book stacks. Unfortunately the infills

don’t have enough exits to meet current codes. Our

complex task was to design a masonry stair tower to be inserted into the existing stack fabric for egress from fourteen stack levels and four levels of the historic

masonry building. The design included relocation of restrooms and building systems, new doors into historic spaces, and partial dismantling and reassembly of the

stack system.



Southern Living “Southern Home Award” in the additions

and remodeling category


Pro bono

Interior and exterior minor renovations and continuing consulting (and labor) for St. Mary’s, Arlington, and its community outreach efforts.